Trust Watch. Tuesday.

I have always been of the opinion that if you have something of exquisite beauty, you don't hide it, or cover it up purely to protect it from being damaged. This is the reason I have never worn sunglasses to hide my eyes.

I have decreed in the past many times that the iphone case is the modern car bra. For those not aware of the car bra, they were particular popular in the 1990's, designed to protect the front of your car from damage due to flying debris. Apart from looking totally ridiculous and having an even more ridiculous name, you would think that the more expensive the car the more value the car bra would be, and thus be utilised by expensive car owners extensively. However, the car bra tended to only be utilised by Toyota Selica and Ford Capri car owners.

My point is, what is the purpose of having something so beautiful (and I am constantly being told how beautiful peoples iPhones are) that when you actually use it, you don't get to see and experience that beauty. iPhone covers, while protecting the beautiful aesthetics of Apples wondrous design team, actually prevent anyone from seeing the beauty. Yes I know that they help protect the phone from breaking when dropped but surely we could all do with a little risk in our lives, yeah?

Again, I feel like I am the only one that sees this. I'm starting to feel like I am living in a recent Scorsese thriller (Shutter Island or Inception) where I am the only one that has access to the 'real' reality. That was the point of those films, right?

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