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DP for the VP

OK. OK. Apparently DP wasn't required but I sure think it makes for a snappy title. What am I talking about? Larry Flint, founder and owner of Hustler and the real life version of Woody Harrelson in The people versus Larry Flynt, has just completed production of an X-rated movie using an adult-film actress who resembles the governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin.

Here is the ad posted on Craigslist calling for appropriate "actresses".

Now Hustler have yet to release the title of the Palin skin-flick so perhaps he is just waiting for inspiration. Here you go Larry.

DP for the VP
Sarah bears her coota
Sarah Palin in The Oral Orifice. Staring Al Gorge and Laura's Bush.
Drillin' Palin
Nailin' Pailin
Filibusters and Gangbusters
The Erect-cutive Branch
VP Mas-Debate
Hardcore Hockey Moms
Hockey Hookers
Alaskin Snowjobs
Palin rears Putin's Head
All the Presidents Men
Vice Pussydent
Right-wing Nuts and the VP who likes to drain them
Sarah Palin. Helping erect John McCain.
Servicing her CUNT-TRY
Going down on the Polls
Palin screws America over

*oh God these are lame but more to come*